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This was inspired by Writer’s Digest Community, although I originally forgot to make note of the actual prompt.

I wanted to tell the story of a woman so beleaguered by the events of the world around her that she felt out of control, discarded. How does a person cope when everything is in chaos? She makes more chaos. And this one night, she suddenly had an epiphany, a clarity: she must start over. But how?

When your heart is broken, when everything you experience is shattered, and then you say good-bye, what’s left but to start over? We stay in the heat of the moment longer than we should; until finally the chaos is gone and there is nothing left but for us to leap to a new beginning.

This story is not, as it appears, of a woman’s suicide. It’s the story of her reclaiming her direction, her own will power, her own strength; and escaping from all that would damage her; and instead, jumping into the world that beckoned her. A world where she was being called to leave the past behind and start over. Completely.

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