I recently watched a made-for-TV Christmas movie: a woman needed a life change, was granted 12 wishes, she used them selfishly, then spent the remaining time “fixing” the problems she created, and they all had a Merry Christmas. She was guided throughout the movie by an Angel who gently guided her toward selfless love. In the end, it was all wrapped up neat and tidy.

It was campy, low-budget and disgustingly predictable.

But it got me thinking.

If I had 12 wishes that I absolutely knew would be fulfilled, what would I wish for? The first few immediately come to mind: world peace, financial stability, health and happiness for the family. After that, it gets a little tricky. Because I really want to focus on important things. But what’s important to me may not be important to someone else. Or the world.

That’s okay. Some things don’t need to be important to everyone else. Just some things to some people. I know the list will change with time, but if I had my own Fairy Godmother or Personal Angel to grant me 12 Wishes of Christmas, here’s what they’d be:

1. I wish for my entire family (birth, extended, in-laws) to be, and remain, debt free.

2. I wish for permanent world peace.

3. I wish for everyone in the world to live by the Golden Rule: To Do Unto Others, to respect everyone, and stop being selfish.

4. I wish for the world to be free of sickness of all kinds: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

5. I wish for Megan and I to have our book series completed, published, and prize-winning.

6. I wish for our book series to be made into movies.

7. I wish for the world to less electronic and digital; and more personal and home-made.

8. I wish for all animals to be cared for.

9. I wish for everyone to be accepted, loved, cherished, and treasured.

10. I wish for Christ to be more accepted, and “political correctness” to be abolished.

11. I wish to be the best mom ever, for ever.

12. I wish for everyone I love, to know how much I love them. For ever.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote.

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