One of my favorite Christmas movies is “White Christmas”. One of my favorite songs from that movie is “Count Your Blessings”. I also like the old Ray Conniff Singers version. It’s a good reminder to take a look around and see what you already have, and see that it’s good.

With the car repairs, the unemployment, and even just the busyness of the season, I sometimes forget to slow down and appreciate what I already have.

I’m thankful for songs such as these that remind me to open my eyes, pay attention.

We all have different things that we’re thankful for. That’s the beauty of it. Because if we were all the same, what we have/do/are wouldn’t be special to anyone. One of my friends posted this great reminder on Facebook today:

“Always remember you are unique just like everyone else!”

I’m a glass-half-full kinda Gal. I like finding the Good Things in life, and sharing them with others. I have a motto. When people ask me how things are going, I often say, “Could be better. Could be a whole lot worse.” And I mean that.

Things could always be better. I’d like to be debt free. Have a bigger kitchen. Not be single. I’d like to develop more talent like painting and knitting. I’d like to have enough money to finish designing and landscaping my yards.

But things could always be worse. I could be an invalid. I could be fighting with my family. I could be homeless. I could be in more debt than I am.

So I’m okay with being who I am, where I am. As long as I’m striving to make things better, and not stagnant in the mud of life, things are good. And they are getting better. Little by little.

Friendships are one of the best blessings; second only to God and family. Friends are the ones who get you through the rough times, laugh with you, come over for coffee and stay up late til the cell phone battery dies from talking too much. Friends watch the same TV Shows to see what it’s all about. Friends root for your sports team. Friends are the ones who mail you cookies just because. Friends let you cry like an idiot and dance in the streets. Friends let you attract attention even when they’re usually shy. Friends are amazing. And each one is different.

Just like you.

And I’m okay with you being who you are: unique. There’s no one just like you. There’s no one with your family, your place in life, your sense of humor, your looks, your income, your talents, your offerings. You bring a uniqueness to your friendships. You bring a special quality to whatever task you do.

So when you think you’re not special, or you have nothing to offer, remember this:

You are unique. And I count on you.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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