I absolutely love this phrase. I can’t, however, say or even think it without thinking of the Twilight Zone episode of the same name: a great episode, one of its most famous ones. You know how the Twilight Zone is. So even if you haven’t seen the episode, you pretty much already know how it turns out.

[Spoiler Alert!!!… don’t read this post if you don’t want to know how this 51 year old show turned out…]

So this woman undergoes drastic, I mean, drastic, cosmetic surgery. Her entire face needs to be transformed in order for her to fit into society. Otherwise, she’s going to be sent off to a place I can only relate to as a Leper’s Island: that locale where everyone is self sufficient, individual… and kept away from the world because they are so ugly they will never survive. If this episode was about the animal kingdom, it would prob’ly be titled “Eat or Be Eaten”. In the end, the woman’s bandages are removed and we see her face. Her face that won’t conform to the standards of the world. Her hideously beautiful face. Because its all the other faces that we consider ugly; but that’s what her society is: ugly. At least, to us. Their contorted faces and pushed-up noses and skin folds and… well, like I said: ugly.

Anyway. I digress. I do that a lot lately. Can you blame me? I have a lot on my mind… but anyway…

It got me thinking. And you got me thinking. You, my readers. My mom. My friends. For me being a Doll who likes stability, I also like to change things up now and then. So a few days ago when I asked how I should make the Blog more readable, I was overwhelmed with the collective “NNOOOO!!!”‘ ‘s that I received. Apparently, I’ve found a formula that works better than I knew it did, better than I thought it would.

Although Dani requests more recipes and Mary wants to be my taste-tester. Easily worked out, ladies. Easily. (*insert winky face icon [and passport] here*)

And in my discussions with several readers and fellow bloggers, I’ve come to realize that I need to leave well enough alone. That I’m doing well, headed for better things. That I needn’t change everything all the time. That it’s okay to just be still.

Hear that?

It’s okay to just be still.

It really is.

It’s totally okay for me to just sit back and enjoy it as it is. Whatever it is. A quiet morning doesn’t have to be interrupted by internet. And working on the Blog doesn’t have to mean changing it. A cup of coffee doesn’t have to energize me. It just has to taste good.

As a society, we’re so brainwashed into more-more-more, faster-better-stronger… it takes my breath away just thinking it. You can’t even say those words without feeling a rush. Always striving for better. But what if “better” isn’t striving? What if “better” is slowing down and seeing and saying “It’s good. Just the way it is.”

I don’t always have to fix things, change things, create things. I get so busy doing that I forget to stop doing. I get so focused on the end result that I don’t see the present.

Present. That’s an interesting word. In this current holiday season, it means more than just the time at hand. It means, Gift. Token. It also means a special talent.

The present I’ve already received from You is your gift of readership, of support, comments, forwards, likes, and discussions. The gift of being accepted just for doing what I’m supposed to do: write it out. No matter what. So I won’t be changing my blog any time soon. I’ll concentrate more on the recipes and creative writings, but won’t be making any major changes.

And in return, I give you this Present: Today. Always plan for tomorrow, but don’t forget to see Today. The good, the bad, the ugly. What stresses you today makes you stronger for tomorrow. The big losses are opportunities to feel anything. And when some people keep themselves so bottled up, feeling anything is really quite something. The little triumphs has the Universe cheering in your corner. Today. It’s exceptionally beautiful… you need only to behold it.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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