I had an awesome Christmas. There were some great surprises, some crowded hello’s, and some wonderful family moments.


First, I have to say, you haven’t seen Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” until you’ve seen it on the Big Screen. I have two seasonal movie themes that get me every time. The first is any variation of “Miracle on 34th Street” and the other, of course, is “Wonderful Life”. There are so many movies that try, but none come close. So it was with tears of joy (yes, I’m a crier, especially this time of year!) that I lost myself in the story. And I thought I had it bad this year? I’m counting my blessings, let me tell you…!


And Christmas morning… what can I say? Three generations together, orange danishes, fresh coffee, and a few gifts.

You know how each year there’s that one gift that gets you? You know what I mean: that gift that you’re not expecting, but are just tickled with? The gift that keeps getting your attention throughout the day? Yeah. That one. Well, what do you say to two such gifts? I say, THANK YOU!

The first was a great set of mixing bowls that I’ve wanted for over a year. They’re from the Food Network and completely attractive and functional! I can’t wait to use them. In the meantime, they’ll just look pretty sitting on my cook’s shelf. I hadn’t actually asked for them, and only mentioned it in passing once several months ago… I do so love people who pay attention!

The second gift that stole my attention was this great little cookbook. About eggs. Angry Bird eggs, to be exact. It’s “The Angry Birds Bad Piggies’ Egg Recipes” and it is hilarious! Because it’s a real cookbook. I mean, these recipes are awesome and I can’t wait to whip them up with my new mixing bowls.

The first recipe I want to try is the Hollandaise Sauce. I’ve mentioned recently that it’s a recipe I’ve not yet made and definitely want to (a POUND of butter?! Hello?!) and there it is, in my Angry Bird cookbook. I wonder how Julia Child would feel about that.

Just in case you were concerned, there’s a disclaimer that no Angry Bird Eggs were harmed in the making of the book. Pretty decent of them, don’t you think? I do.

Well, I’m off to whisk and crack and boil and eat.

What’s your One Gift this year?

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