The following were individual pages under my “About Me” tab on my homepage. I’ve decided to streamline my pages to be focused on the Four F’s: Faith, Family, Food, and Fun.

And while I had fun brainstorming about all the colors in my life, it didn’t really seem to merit their own pages. So here they are instead as today’s post. Hope they inspire you to see the colors in your world!

Colors have always been more than just aesthetic for me; I relate colors to experiences, moods, environments, people; pretty much every aspect of life.

Each color makes its own meaning for me. These are the highlights.

Pomegranate. Brick. Sofa. Rose. Book covers. Apple. Christmas. Blood. Theatre seats. Fire engine. Italy. Leaves. Candles. Candy. Picnic table. Love. Passion. Stop signs. Summer. Heat. Cherries. Dutch oven. My favorite shirt. Ladybugs. Merlot. Red velvet. Proofreading. Edits. Wrong. Black widow spiders. Sports cars. Lipstick. Keurig. Flushed. Cards. Nail polish. LED lights. Video games. Rocking chair. Patriots. Ornaments. Ink. Chevy Avalanche.

Rust. Fragrance. Juicy. Delicious. Sugar jellies. Sweet. Sticky. Walls. Sinatra. Sunshine. Heat. Beach. Sherbet. Flames. Happy. Blush. Bright. Hats. Socks. KitchenAid. Neck ties. Starbuck’s. Schools. Orioles. Surfboards. Bracelets. Butterflies. Blossoms. Cat. Sunrise. Sunset. Fiddler on the Roof. Tuscany. Desert. Sahara. Bottle caps. Medicine. Soda. BBQ chips. Cheetos. Cheese. Chili peppers. Tomato. Carrots. Hair. Revenge. Bittersweet. Yams. Ice cream. Cupcakes. Tile floor. Autumn. Pumpkins. Squash. Volleyball. Cabana. Vegas lights. Fruit. Fun.

Sun. Lemons. Candles. Paint on the walls. Mom’s kitchen. Tuscany. Daffodils. Brightness. Cheap gold knock-offs. Seed pods. Cap’n Crunch. Emblems. Golden Delicious. Corvette. Bumble Bee. Transformers. Sunrise. Glimpse. National Geographic. Cactus flowers. Sand. Spotlights. Stripes. Lemonade. Refreshment. Popcorn. Exciting. Warmth. Happiness. Guitar strings. Old papers. Old books. Sauvignon Blanc.

Lime. Kiwi. Jelly beans. Blanket. Bookcase. Cats eyes. Grass. Agapantha. Jade plant. Bamboo leaves. Second Daughter eyes. Green Tea. Allergies. Magazine. Healthy eating. Lettuce. Save the environment. Book covers. Narnia. Woods. Meadows. Peace. Serenity. Chives. Herbs. Oregano. Cilantro. Army jacket. Birdhouse. Kleenex box. Parsley. Celery. Freshness. Kool-Aid. Napkins. Picnic plates. Leaves. Turtlenecks. Turtles. Lizards. Emeralds. Forest ceilings. Slippers. GO lights. Approval.

Eeyore. Twilight. Dusky snowfall. Peace. Serenity. Water. Ocean sounds. Rain. Skies. Forget-me-Nots. Ink. Notebooks. Eyes. Bookcovers. Mom colors. Blue bloods. Royalty. Quality. Facebook. Friends. LEDs. Flashlight. Rubber bands. Old cars. Playing cards. Vegas lights. Abundance. New York. Michigan. Eagles. Coffee cups. Sadness. Fatigue. Music. Starry starry night. Van Gogh. Vincent. Nutcrackers. Ballet. Comfort. Big brothers. Military uniforms.

Winter at midnight. Starry Starry Night. Vincent Van Gogh. Work blouses. Drop necklace. Nutcracker smiles. Candles. “You kill my father. Prepare to die!” (I know that’s not quite right, but Indigo still makes me think of Inigo). Digital lights. Facebook icon. Twitter icon. Tumblr icon. Slippers. Blue jeans. Kool-Aid. Christmas lights. Book covers. Notebooks. Pen ink. Morning Glories and Forget-Me-Nots.

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