This isn’t really a recipe, although I’ll tell you in a minute what I made and how I made it. I’m just fairly tickled that it turned out so well.

The other day, Dot was hungering for some authentic Mexican flavors and Del Taco just didn’t fit the bill. I wasn’t about to toss $20 at a waiter for Spanish rice, either, so she had to make do with whatever was in the Stock Pantry.

Taking a  notion from her mother (more like a push while saying, “Just go look!”), she returned to the kitchen with several canned goods and proceeded to make her own delicious little combo.

Here’s the (Not) Recipe part: She drained a can of white meat chunk chicken and broke it up into a frying pan. On low heat, she warmed it up and added a few tablespoons of red enchilada sauce and then a spoonful or two of diced green chilies. Separately, she heated up a can of refried beans. When all was said and done, in about five minutes, she had her Mexican flavors all blended together. Simple, right?! The only thing missing was the tortilla (which I have been reminded, several times, to add to this week’s grocery list).

I know, I know. That’s breakfast? Nope. Not at all. Now comes the second (Not) Recipe part of this post.

This morning we woke up and headed into the kitchen. In keeping with last month’s determination to have breakfast together, every day (and I’ve only missed twice in three weeks, thankyouverymuch!), I offered to make up some eggs and real fried bacon. I say real fried bacon, because I used to cook turkey bacon. On paper towels. In the microwave. And then I was reminded by my mom, who taunted me with flavor and taste, how wonderful real bacon is, especially from the frying pan. Not only that, but saving the bacon fryings to use for cooking up eggs and such later… It brought me back to my childhood, to my mom’s kitchen, to wonderful memories and smells and flavors… all the things I want for Dot. So. I’ve reverted back to the wonder that is pan-fried real bacon.

And eggs cooked in the bacon fryings: that flavorful fat that drips off the meat in such heavenly aroma as to make me wonder how I ever thought microwaved turkey bacon could be satisfactory. The oily crunchy bits of ham danced in the pan, waiting to be absorbed by the eggs. It was a delicious moment.

Ah, the eggs. I’m forgetting the eggs! Well, as is a weekend (and often, weekday) habit, I called my mom and offered her a seat at the breakfast table which she accepted. When she arrived, I offered a cup of coffee (which is an entirely separate review for my Keurig, sigh upon sighs…!) and proceeded to mix up the eggs.

I’ve been wanting to make frittata for a while now but Dot hates waiting that long in the morning. So I offered to make scrambled eggs with some mix-in’s. A fairly decent compromise, if I do say so myself. But what will I mix in that three different people would like? I peeked into the fridge and lo and behold! There was a container with some leftover enchilada chicken mix. I’m pretty sure I began to sing or something.

I cracked open six eggs. Blended them up with a little milk. Added about a cup of the chicken mix and a half cup of shredded sharp Cheddar cheese. (The refried beans were not included in this party, just in case you were wondering and thinking it might a little gross.) I cooked the egg mixture with a tablespoon of bacon fryings.

It was, as they say, bon appetit! I’m excited to use Dot’s chicken mixture in frittata next week. All she wanted was a little Mexican flavor. She had no idea the great recipes she’s influenced. I’m glad to see her taking after her Momma.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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