Five minutes of typing whatever. Why? Because today I woke up sick. sick.
Stuffy nose. Very sore throat. Headache. Body aches.
In other words, I’m utterly miserable. *Insert sad face sympathy here*

It could be the “bug” that’s going around, or it could be allergies, or it could be both. All I know is I’ve done zero writing today… but my Castleville kingdom has been extremely productive.

So Dot and I have spent the day catching up on weeks’ worth of DVR’d television shows: NCIS, Once Upon a Time, Grey’s Anatomy. At one point I told her to take the remote so I wouldn’t have to. She asked, “Are you going to take a nap?” I profusely shook my head adamantly. The next thing I know it was over 90 minutes later. So, yeah… I took a nap.

I’ve had a Pinterest account for about a month now, but just the last few days I really started paying attention to it. I didn’t get what it was all about; look at pictures and click “like”. What’s the big deal? Until… I started to collect pins. Until I created Boards like “My favorite TV shows”, “My Dream Home”, and “If I Could, I Would…” Until I started realizing how many wonderfully creative ideas my friends have, and now someone else thinks they’re my ideas.

I haven’t read for three days and I’m going crazy. First it was all the great warm weather that allowed me to do yard work and birdwatch, and now it’s because my brain doesn’t want to. I only have 45 pages left to finish a book I borrowed from my mom. She’s a speed reader. She can read two or three books a week if she sets her mind to it. I can’t. Even if the only thing I’m doing is reading, it still takes me too long to read. But I have my reading list for 2012 which allows for one book a week, three books a month. That gives me one week to either catch up or read something unplanned. Since I’ve read 6 of the 7 Narnia stories already, I have room on the reading schedule to read two extras before the end of the month. I’ve decided to finish the Narnia series and this one from my mom.

The next set I’m going to read will be Anne Rice’s Song of the Seraphim series. The plot is connected to the Mission Inn in Riverside, one of my favorite places ever. When I win the lottery, I’m going to stay there often. And write best sellers. And have a suite named after me. There’s only two in the series, which means I have room on the schedule for two more in March.

Dot and I spring-cleaned the Narnia room yesterday. We threw out old stuff, donated stuff we no longer want, and cleaned everything we’re keeping. It didn’t take that long, because I keep that room really clean. It’s my favorite room in the house but I don’t spend much time in it. I should. Maybe I will. Starting tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, who’s doing what for Valentine’s day? I was going to take Dot and my mom to see An Affair to Remember at the local theater. But that’s prob’ly not going to work out so instead we’re planning to just get a nice pizza dinner and watch it at home.

I don’t do much for Valentine’s day. I always forget to decorate for it. Because I’ve just undecorated the Christmas stuff. So I forget that a few weeks later it’s time to get into storage bins again. And I don’t have much to decorate with. Except I think I might at least put out a few candle holders that I like. I should do that soon, yeah? Like, maybe, today? Now? Hmmm….

I wish all my fellow bloggers knew how much they mean to me. Just reading other blogs really inspire me. There’s Andrea, Jenn, Ann, another Andrea, Megan, Dani, Brittany, Chelsea… I always feel really bad when I don’t have time to comment on every single post. Because I know the effort I put into each and every post, so I know they do the same. And they deserve to be appreciated.

And now my time’s up.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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