I spent the weekend catching up on episodes of ABC Network’s “Once Upon A Time” and I’m so glad I did!

Airing on Sunday nights on ABC, “Once Upon A Time” is a great mix of storytelling.

Emma Swan is a bounty hunter. On the night of her 28th birthday, 10-year-old Henry arrives at her apartment, announcing that he is the son she gave up for adoption. Further, he tells her, she is the only one to save them.

Everyone who lives there has forgotten their origins. They are all characters from Fairytale World, but due to the Evil Queen’s curse, they have been transported to Storybrook, Maine. Anyone who tries to leave ends up hurt.

Henry is the adopted son of Storybrook’s Mayor, Regina Mills. She will do whatever it takes to rule over all. Of course, she needs the help of Mr. Gold, who owns the entire town. Henry’s teacher, Mary Margaret Blanchard, befriends Emma and the two of them work together to discover the truth.

Just as soon as you get sucked into the modern drama, the show transports the viewers back to Fairytale World and shows the characters in ways previously unthought of.

There’s the town psychiatrist, Archie Hopper, who represents Jiminy Cricket.
Mr. Gold is fashioned after Rumplestiltskin.
The Mayor is, of course, the Evil Queen.
Mary Margaret is Snow White and Emma is her daughter who, as a baby, was magically transported to the Real World.

Many other people correlate to fairytale characters. Some appear just for an episode or two. Some are recurring background. Granny’s is the local diner everyone eats at.

Did you ever wonder about the characters outside of the few stories we’re familiar with? How, exactly, did Rumplestiltskin become so wicked? What happened to Gepetto? Who were the parents of the Princes and Princesses?

This show is full of wonderful dialogue, excellent scenery and stunning costumes. The characters are more in-depth than those portrayed in children’s stories. There are entire backstories to every legend, and this show brings them together with rich history and descriptive events.

It is not as simple as Good vs. Evil; there are choices being made constantly to protect loved ones, ways of life, and life itself.

While the main story is about breaking the curse, the subplots are just as enjoyably detailed. The great acting leaves no doubt that Henry is absolutely Emma’s son, that James is Prince Charming and Mary Margaret is Snow White. The struggle between Emma and Regina to each be Henry’s mother is a constant battle that uses manipulation, spilled secrets, and in some cases just good detective work.

This show has been a must-watch in my household since the first episode. It’s one of the very few that takes our attention away from all distractions, that beckons us to unplugged for sixty minutes and be enthralled.

If you haven’t watched “Once Upon A Time”, I strongly urge you to do so. No matter what your favorite fairytale, you’re bound to discover a whole new perspective… maybe even a whole new world.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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