You aren’t unafraid. But you stand up in spite of it.

You aren’t all powerful. But you try with all your might.

You don’t have all the answers. But you never stop learning.

You aren’t impenetrable. But you don’t let weakness keep you down.

You can’t fix everything. But you never stop trying.

You can’t see the world. But you see your part of it.

You can’t protect everyone. But you protect the ones you can.

You fail sometimes. You fall sometimes.

Your secret identity is often exposed and you are often mundane.

You aren’t God.

You aren’t Superman.

You aren’t Iron Man, or The Green Lantern or even 007.

But you come pretty close.

You’re human. And you set a really good example.

Because you try to be better.

And you are.

You’re my hero.

Thank you.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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