Yup. I’ve gone and done it. I signed on to Pinterest.

You can find me here.

At first I resisted. It’s just another way of being distracted from other things like television and Angry Birds…

Until my facebook friends starting linking up. Every time they Pin, it posts. I was seeing some mighty cute pictures!

When I first saw Old Blue, as I’ve affectionately named the Cooper’s Hawk, I decided I wanted a way to track all the birds that come to my yard. That’s when I really got into Pinterest: I created my “Birds in the Yard” board.

And along the way, I discovered some other Board ideas: awesome crafts. Dream Home ideas. Recipes. Recipes! But my favorite board is my Writer’s Retreat: ideas for my dream writing center, whether a room addition, a weekend retreat, or a vacation. Any place that would get the Muse dancing.

Needless to say, I’m hooked. Err, Pinned.

And very excited. And you, my beloved blog readers, get a special treat. The wagon-garden pictured here is now on Pinterest. I hope it inspires many, many gardeners and yard decorators. My beautiful sister in law did this to add color to their yard. It’s even more lovely in person. She’s so creative that way! So I asked her permission to “Pin” it, and she agreed. She’s nice that way!

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Are you on Pinterest? What Boards are you especially proud of?

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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