This is another children’s book from long ago. The copy I have was printed in 1935 and belonged to my mother.

I love this book. It centers on a little girl who discovers history and adventure as she travels the West Coast. The inside covers show a hand-drawn map that indicates the important locations from the book. Actual photographs of places and actors posing as the book’s characters give credence to Carmen’s journey.

This is one in a series of books by Brandeis called “Children of All Lands” wherein Brandeis delivers wonderful writing detailing the heritage of a particular nation that includes personalities, environment, difficulties commonly faced… these books were known in their time to be some of the best reading material available for children.

Madeline’s preface begins
“This is the story of two little girls,
Each of them living in different worlds,
One in the old world, and one in the new,
One like your great-grand’ma,
One just like you.

“This, also, is the story of ‘three big states.’ “

Those states, as we journey with Carmen and her father, are California, Oregon, and Washington. We learn some Spanish words like “Tia” (“Aunt”). We discover how some cultures have become Americanized (Carmen’s last name is Stevens, but her eldest living relative’s is Estevan). The story begins with Carmen waking on her birthday to receive a present from her father. Tia Carmencita has sent a package to Carmen: a written account of Carmencita’s journey years ago along the same roads Carmen is about to travel. It’s bound in hide, and they affectionately call it their Cow-Book. And there’s something more: a letter promising that the book also contains a great mystery.

It’s through Carmencita’s story and Carmen’s travels that we discover great places like Olvera Street in Los Angeles, Crater Lake in Oregon, and Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington. There are evil-doers and friends, lessons learned and marvels observed.

And in the end… Oh, please. You know I can’t give that away!

But what I am giving away is your very own copy. That’s right, you can receive your very own book and take the adventures with Carmen and her Tia for yourself! I ordered a great quality copy through Amazon and I’m looking at it right now. It’s in near-perfect condition. The pages are slightly yellowed with age, and the front and back covers indicate the tiniest bit of wear, but for a book that’s 77 years old, it’s in extremely good quality. The photos included in this blogpost are from the very book one lucky winner will receive! This particular copy will be a great addition to anyone’s home library.

Why am I doing this? Because this book needs to be shared. The history, the writing style, the characters. It’s important to encourage children (anyone!) to keep reading, to learn not only literacy with letters and numbers, but to also learn history. This book incorporates all of that in such a way as to make it more than enjoyable.

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