Well, here I am again; 9 o’clock at night and just now remembering I don’t have a post for tomorrow.

I’m disappointed in the (lack of) quality writing on my blog lately. I have grand ideas, terrific ideas; but I also have a pretty full schedule. This week has been all about book signings, meet-and-greets and selling The Unemployment Cookbook. Oh, there’s still for you to enter to win your own free copy. Just click here.

Today I devoted the afternoon to spring cleaning my Master Bedroom Closet. But as we all know, to clean a mess you have to make a mess. And that means that two hours before bedtime my room looked like the closet had expelled itself a solid case of the stomach flu all over the place. Clothing, bags, papers, empty plastic bins, full plastic bins, stuff that fell out of plastic bins… did I mention it was messy?

I stopped to take a dinner break, and nearly fell asleep in my chair. So after much self-convincing, I picked up the trash, stacked the magazines, hung the clothes, and put the few remnant tasks into the Narnia room… and closed the door. At least I can look around my room tonight and not see a mess. It will still be there tomorrow, but at least tonight I don’t have to look at it. That makes me feel a little better.

I’m actually not too sure that life won’t drag me away from the closet again tomorrow (your today, since I’m writing this Thursday night). I have the usual morning schedule: drive Dot to school (or let her drive me), stop at Mom’s for the morning news and coffee, get to the grocery store for a few essentials (if I remember. The last three days I’ve forgotten).

In the afternoon, I get an exciting change from the norm: I get to drive down to County offices for job skills testing. Last month I applied for a clerical position in the local offices, and my resume and application passed Step One. Now I get to go with a group of about 200 others to be tested for skills. I’m not nervous about the test, I love tests. I really do. I love “showing off” I guess. Especially word and communication skills. Go figure. No, not worried about the test at all.

It’s the weather. This morning the reports were calling for severe rainstorms and high winds throughout the area, and I refuse to make the drive in those conditions. But as of 9 o’clock tonight, there’s much less rain in the forecast and even the wind predictions are dying down. So I’m confident that I’ll make the drive, ace the test, and land the job.

Tomorrow night will be my favorite part of the day. It’s Family Game Night at the Second Family’s house after Bible Study. We haven’t gotten our two families together for a few months, so we’re all looking forward to this much needed quality time. Of course, the hockey play-offs will feature prominently in our viewing activity, at least for a while.

Yeeks. I just realized I’ll have to write tomorrow’s post early so I don’t forget. Well? What should I write about? You decide.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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