Every now and then, when I accomplish something really fantastic, something I wasn’t sure I could do, I throw my fists up and yell, “Rock Star!” That little habit started years ago after watching Dr. Izzie Stevens do just that on Grey’s Anatomy

Well, tonight, I’m a Blog Star! Cuz tonight I managed to make oodles of subtle changes to Frankly, My Dear… and it feels really good to be on the administrative side of things.

I can’t say for sure that everything is fine, because at the eleventh hour (literally! It’s just after 11pm as I type this!) I received an email response from my web designer that he’d love to help make cosmetic changes to the blog.

The thing is, I’d already been working at it for about four hours before I got his email. Which means, I’m done. At least for the night.

These are just some of the changes I’ve accomplished:

  • I minimized the email subscription link so there’s no longer a large box on display.
  • There’s now a streamlined “Follow” box: I replaced the larger Facebook box with buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest; plus an RSS feeder button.
  • There’s also a “Follow” box for New Inklings Press follow buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • I deleted any unrelated advertising: no more ad-sense from Google or Amazon. But the link to The Unemployment Cookbook is still there.
  • I changed the background from a very bright floral to a solid deep green.
  • In a day or two, there will be a link on the page of “Popular Posts”, so when you go to the Blog, you can see what others are also reading.
  • Your emails will have an intro/summary of the daily blog posts, instead of the entire posts. If you’re interested in reading the whole post, just click the title link in the email and you’ll be directed to Frankly, My Dear…

Well, those are all the changes I did tonight. It’s time to hit the hay, count the sheep, and have sweet dreams.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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