Not to be confused with daily posts, which is what this is – sort of an online diary – a blog Page is a static entry. Something that doesn’t often change.

I have a Page I call Tenfold. When I started this blog over a year ago, it was my goal to have ten “ten’s”: to pick ten subjects and list ten items in each category.

So far, I have Ten People I Want to Meet, Ten Places to Travel To, and Ten Bible Verses I Try to Live By. And in each of these, I have my ten items.

But now I’m a bit at a loss… I’m not sure what to add for the other seven categories. So this is where you come in. I need suggestions. Ideas. Things that make ya go “hmmm”.

What other Ten’s are you interested in? Ten Favorite Movies? Ten Favorite Songs? Ten Jobs I’d Love to Have? Ten Foods I’d Never Eat? (That last one won’t ever be a category, btw… there’s far too many to list than just ten… and my main reason for all, collectively, would be, “oh, that’s just gross!“)

Leave your comments and I’ll take your suggestions into consideration.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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