I got this great idea from Charlene at A Divine Walk. She got it from another of her blog friends.

As Charlene puts it, “The sand pail list is a take off of a “bucket list” but instead of being a before you die list, it’s a list of things you want to accomplish during the summer.

I already have a To-Do List from last August. I’ve kept up with some of it; not all. It was a good refresher to take another look at it for this post. Kinda inspiring. Kinda guilt-laden.

Anyway. I still like lists. So here’s my Sand Pail List for 2012:

  • Finish the first draft of Book No. 1.
  • Order another print run of The Unemployment Cookbook.
  • Sell the entire print run of the Cookbook, then order yet another.
  • Visit the local Route 66 Museum.
  • Get caught up on my Bible reading.
  • Take Dot to the beach. I like Redondo. It’s where my favorite 80’s show was set: RIPTIDE, created by Stephen J. Cannell. Huntington is also nice.
  • Go to the movies at least twice a month.
  • Take Mom and Dot out at least once a month.
  • Finish three assignments for the Institute of Children’s Literature.
  • Get caught up on my reading list.
  • Say less “no” to Dot when she wants to do spur-of-the-moment activities.
  • Get a job. The job. The one that specifically answers the prayers of so many family and friends. And my own.

It’s a bit of a long list, but I’m excited for it. I like lists. I like putting things on paper, because then I can cross them off. Also, it’s a reminder. It kinda shouts in my face to have the list nearby while I’m sitting down wondering what to do for the next few minutes.

So. What’s your Sand Pail List this year?

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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