[This post is inspired by Ann at Doodles and Jots. I just love her amazing nature photography!]

Since Dot and I walked the mile to my Mom’s house today, I thought I’d also work on my photography skills at the same time.

Dot’s much more creative than I am, but I’m happy with what I’ve captured. I guess I thought the walk would be just asphalt and stop signs. But with a lens in my hand, I saw much more.

As we left our own yard, I was so excited to see my Eggplant start to revive and even flourish. This picture’s a little blurry, but you can see new buds in the middle. In a month or so, I hope to have a harvest of eggplants!

Here’s another view, more flower buds. And they’re really developing. What great Ratatouille I’ll make!

This is a view of just a few of the buds on my Green Bell Pepper plant. I love Green Bell Pepper. I use it in my Ratatouille, on pizza, in salad. I can’t wait for this harvest, either!
Here’s the sole flower that’s thriving in my front window flower bed. As you can see from the background, others are trying hard. There are a few blooms almost ready to pop open. Maybe tomorrow…
This is the first shrub I really liked on our walk. It’s a typical desert weedy wildlife, but I love the bright yellow flowers on it.
Only in the desert could dry weeds grow around a fire hydrant.

And now my artistic attempt with the same object. Which photo do you like better?

I tried to capture the Moon in the clear blue sky.

I’m not sure what this plant/shrub is, but I’m glad it’s not in my yard. It’s beautiful to look at, but my allergies would prob’ly give me no rest.

This fallen Joshua Tree was laying in a vacant lot. It was at one time very big with many branches, but the rains last year were more than it could take. It collapsed upon itself and ever since I’ve been watching birds flit in and out when I drive by.
Pampas Grass. I love this. I might put several of these on my property line next year. They remind me of the Cattail plants back in Michigan. And I love the long, flowing grass.
I don’t know why, but this power line really got my attention. I like the “HIGH VOLTAGE” sign.
This line of three stumps on the side of the road is all that remains of overgrown trees.
It was a great walk. I plan to do it again soon, with a new perspective.

What’s your favorite photo?

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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