The desert.

That wonderfully dry, sunny place where plants come and go in the strangest of conditions…

My yard.

That place where this not-so-green-thumbed-person tries to manipulate the elements. Sometimes successfully. Sometimes not.

This blog.

A public, digital record of where the two meet.

The most recent photos of my gardening and greenery attempts:

I neglected to take photos of my Green Pepper Plant. It’s terribly wilted and I can’t seem to revive it. It’s still very green, just wilted. So maybe I didn’t forget to photograph it, so much as I don’t want evidence of my being a plant killer blackthumb.

There are only two tiny flowers blooming in the front window garden. Next year, I’ll remember to lay down some soil first and rake in the seeds. Even when the container says it’s okay to scatter upon dry ground. ‘Cuz that’s obviously not too true.

Are you a greenthumb? What’s your favorite plant?

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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