You really should read some of the stories over at Shell’s link up. This was only the second time I linked up. I added this morning’s post, “What’s the Word?” Wednesdays: Blog Hop because her topic and mine are similar. But she has a way of writing that inspires me. It’s so heartfelt, so honest. Like she’s opening the doors to her house and allowing us to snoop in her medicine cabinet.

I want to be that transparent. But I’m just not. Partly because my family doesn’t really want me writing about them (go figure), but partly because I guess I don’t think my transparency matters. I write more of what I want instead of who I am. Unless it’s fluff.

Not Shell. She really gets it. She doesn’t even know me, doesn’t know how her blog influences me. But I hope she finds out. She really needs to know that she’s not writing into empty space.

I know sometimes it can feel that way. As a blogger, we put our “schtuff” out there, and then edit it for public consumption. There are basic rules, you know. Be nice. Be fair. Don’t be mean or belittling. Don’t over-expose yourself. Keep your guard up. It’s a complicated relationship: that of being a daily public blogger and being a private person.

So anyway. I really admire Shell and her posts. And I think I’m gonna try to be a little more like her.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

Being a Crier Does Not Make Me Weak
"What's the Word?" Wednesday [Blog Hop]: June 27, 2012
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