On Friday morning, I invested over two hours’ time on my Blog pages. You’ll recall that “Pages” are “static”: those seldom-changing bulletins that are featured on the Home Page header. Posts (like this one you’re reading now) are the occasional (or in my case, daily) updates about something or nothing specific.

It could have been a challenge to make sure all my stories and essays (as opposed to basic ramblings) were linked up properly; and my recipes were easy to find. But it wasn’t. What it was, was fun.

Fun to read posts I’d not thought of for months. Fun to review and see how my writing voice has changed and grown. Fun to be inspired to write even more.

Because I devoted time to Pages and not Posts, there’s a good chance you won’t see it. Because Pages aren’t sent out in the daily emails you receive.

The newest Page is Ten Foods I Love Beyond Reason. That was a fun one to write.

So I invite you to once again check out the Home Page at Frankly, My Dear… and explore the hidden recesses of my mind the Pages I’ve set up and the articles they contain.

I can’t say you’ll be glad you did. But you never know. You just might be.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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