It’s been quite the growth spurt this week at Frankly, My Dear…

If you weren’t able to check in recently, here’s this week’s most popular posts:

What’s the Word? Wednesday [Blog Hop]. Lots of great links to other blogs.

Alienation. My take on the Chick-fil-A “issue” that’s circling the social media world. My third most popular post ever. Thank you!

Recipe & Giveaway. Enter for your chance to win a 6-Cup Rice Cooker sponsored by Aroma Housewares.

HOW TO WRITE A BETTER BLOG: I Have Questions. You Have Answers. An ongoing Blog Hop designed to collect ideas, suggestions, and information on what makes a Better Blog. Feel free to add your comments and link up your posts.

Happy reading!

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

Under Construction: Baby Steps, Bob. Baby Steps.
What's the Word? Wednesday [Blog Hop]: July 25, 2012
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