“When all else fails, read the directions.”
~Everyone’s Mother.

Just two days ago, I wrote how I want to learn better photography skills. In the last few days, I’ve worked toward that end: reading the manual that came with my Kodak camera. Trying my hand at photographing anything and everything. Pointing and shooting my Kodak as much as possible.

Okay, not really. Not all of that. But I have been reading the manual, and I must admit I realize I’ve fooled myself. Because while a Point-and-Shoot camera is just that easy, there’s so much more to it. For instance, Smart Capture mode is great for beginners and non-thinkers. Of which I not-so-proudly admit I was one. That little dial on the top of my camera? I’ve been too afraid to turn it, too afraid to see what it has to offer.

On Page 7 of my manual, it describes for me how different tools are available in different modes. So I turned the dial, one click at a time, and saw for myself that it’s true! I didn’t spend time learning each tool, as I know that will come later in the manual. But it certainly whet my whistle.

I’m looking forward to understanding the conversations between my brothers about F-stops and apertures and compensation. I’m really looking forward to the day I can not only understand, but contribute to such discussions!

Today, I discovered that a picture can be taken while filming a video. Imagine that! Two separate actions, at the same time! Just to prove to myself that it could happen (and that I could be the one to cause it to happen!), I gave this theory a test drive. I took the following two photos while recording a short video. The quality is dark and grainy, as it’s late and the lighting isn’t the best. I wasn’t interested in setting a scene; rather, I just needed to test the settings.

These are tonight’s photo results:

I tried uploading the short video, but I haven’t quite figured that out yet. It appears the easiest route will be to set up a YouTube account, but it’s late (after midnight, in fact!), and I’ll work on that later. If anyone has suggestions on sharing my videos, I welcome your advice!

For now, I’m pleased to know that my camera is capable of multi-tasking.

And Frankly, My Dear…

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