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Do you trekaroo? It’s a wonderful website designed to give parents and families honest reviews about hotels, restaurants and activities.

Are you afraid to take your young kids on vacation? Are your teens rolling their eyes at the thought of unplugging? Do you bite your nails at the thought of leaving the comfort of your own home?

You can trust trekaroo. The reviews are written by a community of parents and families. The more, the merrier! More popular attractions have many reviews; or you can be the first!

It’s so helpful to read from someone else who’s “been there, done that”. Let’s face it, Captain Hook knows how to steer a ship, but would you want him planning your tea party? Or would you take advice on how to put young children to sleep in a strange bed, from an old maid? Sure, sometimes. But on a regular basis? I’d rather make a well-informed decision.

My friend Naomi introduced me to trekaroo last fall. She won a trip to Las Vegas for her family. Las Vegas! Did you ever think of Vegas as that family-friendly? Well, people on trekaroo do! They know all the in’s and out’s for children of all ages to have fun without being exposed to the adults-only content.

Oh, yeah. And they have great giveaways, too. Like a trip to Vegas. Or bicycle-strollers. Or kids’ backyard wilderness playsets. How fun is that?

So of course I signed on to read the reviews. And last week I started to post my own. The first two were abridged from reviews here on Frankly, My Dear… but earlier today I ventured to be the first to review a local restaurant.

trekaroo has already said I have “superoo” potential. In their own words, “Trekaroo Superoos are parents with unique characteristics who are able to see the humor amidst the challenges of traveling with their offspring. In fact, they thrive best when exploring and trail blazing with their pack. They are our biggest contributors and eager to help. Superoos inspire other family travelers through the stories they tell, the tips they share, and their insightful recommendations.”

They select their Superoos once a year, usually in the spring. I’ve already got my eyes set on that emblem, and they’ve already got their eyes set on me. But even if they didn’t, I’d still want to be an active community member.

Because I obviously enjoy sharing stories. And I like the idea of families helping families have family-friendly experiences.

Do you trekaroo?


Click here to view my trekaroo passport.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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