Dot passed her driving test on Friday. She starts college in three weeks. She’s 17, and a natural beauty. This Mom worries every time she’s two seconds late coming home. I glare when young men do a double-take when she enters their line of vision.

At the Fence

I am a Mother Bear, and I will protect my cub. No. matter. what.

So I was absolutely thrilled when my friend Diane called me last month to tell me about her new venture: she is now a Damsel in Defense Pro. Over coffee, I learned how she wanted to make sure her petite niece, a college freshman, could be protected yet still enjoy her newfound freedom. Diane was introduced to Damsel in Defense: a line of self-defense product designed for women on the go.I wasn’t able to get permission from their marketing department to use product photos on my blog, but they said it’s fine for me to tell you about their product. Diane showed me most of their selection.

I’m personally enamored with the Road Trip Auto Emergency Tool: this baby is gonna protect my baby nine ways til Sunday! It’s a flashlight, a flashing strobe-light, an alarm, a seat belt cutter, and and a window smasher. All that for only $25!

For my Grown Up Girl, I’ve got me eyes on any of their pepper sprays or stun guns. All are affordable. All are innocent looking. All will bring the bad man to his knees, allowing my girl (and yours!) to safely get away.

For a more hands-on defense, they have the $10 “Sock It To Me” kubotan, a keychain club with a point. One good poke and your assailant will be crying for his mommy.

Last week, Dot and I toured her college with another mother-daughter team we’ve known for years. The girls were excited at this next step to adulthood. Us Moms were discussing the peace of mind we have knowing our girls are in class together. At least some of the time. The fact that it’s a local community college doesn’t negate the fact that there are still bad elements (and people!) out there, so it doesn’t always matter that we live relatively close by.

Kellie’s mom gave the girls the best self-defense advice I’ve ever heard:

“It’s not how strong you are.
It’s how fast you are.”

When Diane sampled the $40 stun gun for me, people at the next table heard the click-and-buzz. There’s no way anyone would be stupid enough to mess with our girls if they have this in their hands!

I’ve decided to host a Safe and Sassy Party next Saturday. Since many of my friends are allergic to my cats, I’m going to have a Morning Patio Party. I’m looking forward to coffee and crescents with the Girls and Moms. I’m looking forward to hearing how we can all protect ourselves. I’m especially looking forward to earning enough free product to provide my daughter with the tools she needs to be self-protective, and self-confident.

Damsel in Defense is a relatively new company, started by the same team who began Scentsy. They know how to provide quality product at affordable prices. And they’re adding new items in September. Even more exciting, right?! I urge you to click and look at their website. In this day and age, we have a duty to protect those most precious to us, don’t we?

Mothers. Daughters. Grandmothers. Students. Workers.
Babysitters. Sisters. Nieces. Aunts. Cousins.


If you live locally, I invite you to Bedford Manor on Saturday, August 11, at 8:30 a.m. If you don’t live locally or can’t attend, but are still interested in supporting Diane’s new venture, this great new company, or just helping me reach my Party Goal, you can contact Diane through her Facebook page, directly at or call (760) 985-8313. All our girls are worth it!

Just be sure to tell her you were referred by Molly Jo of Frankly, My Dear…
(760) 985-8313

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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