It’s been a great week around here. Mary tells me that all my housecleaning was actually the result of a virus, for which chocolate is the cure. Well, now I know for next time. The cleaning having been already done, I guess all I can do is indulge in chocolate now as a preventative measure for later.

I’ve truly stuck to this week’s Theme to Write It Out! There’s a direct correlation between me keeping a journal and how much other writing I accomplish. I like being able to note each night what I’ve worked on, and make a list for the next day.

I bought a box at the local craft store yesterday. It matches my house decor. I intend to use it to hold the many scraps of notes and whatnots I collect as a writer. Paper, magazine clippings, drawings. Those little bits and pieces I need to reference but have no other place to keep them in. Apparently, it also makes a great cat pillow.

Tuesday I mailed out my first ever short story submission, as well as emailed an inspirational essay. I’ve entered contests before, but these are my first ready-to-go, researched, unsolicited manuscripts. Ever. And I finally got the nerve up to send out two in one day.

I know. Exciting, right?!

I’ve a job interview next week (postponed from last week). I also took a typing test for the local school district. Can you believe their requirement is only 30 wpm? Of course, that’s because the position I’m applying for is classified as “Substitute Clerical”. Apparently, I did much better than the others because my score was the only one to merit exclamations and a shout-out from the test proctor. “Molly! You can TYPE!” *Insert happy face here*

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