I believe in chocolate. I believe it has magical powers to uplift spirits, create amazing kitchen delicacies, and basically make the world a much better place.

My love for Scharffen Berger started nearly a year ago when I won their $150-value gift basket assortment through GoodLife {Eats}. Filled with cocoa powders, baking bars, chunks, nibs, and their book, “The Essence of Chocolate”, I quickly fell in love deeper than I ever thought possible.
This is the chocolate all other chocolates compete with. This is the chocolate that should be in every fine confectioner’s shop, every store, every kitchen. This is the chocolate that makes me want to sing songs from Willy Wonka every time I taste it.

This is the Chocolate God.

Imagine my delight when Scharffen Berger agreed to sponsor a giveaway on Frankly, My Dear… And then they suggested their Artisan Bars. Eight perfectly delectable varieties made with the purest of cacao and other ingredients. All I had to do was taste them myself to write a review.

All I had to do was eat
eight full bars of chocolate.

Sometimes, it’s hard to be a blogger. *Snicker.*

Overall review:
Public Relations/Customer Service: 10 stars
My contact was immediately responsive, and went above and beyond our initial agreement by sending me a second shipment of bars when she heard some of the first had been compromised in delivery during the Southern California heatwave.
Their website,, is more than just advertising. Incredibly user-friendly helpful, and supportive, they explain their chocolate-making process, offer chocolate-based recipes, and describe each product.
Want to know which Artisan bar goes well with your Sumatran coffee, Sauvignon Blanc, aged gouda or other food item? Click into their Pairing Navigator. It offers suggestions for snacks and beverages to compliment their delicious chocolate [Although you don’t have to. This product really stands on its own!].

PRODUCT: 8.5 stars
It’s hard to miss the authentic cacao flavor and aroma that inherently makes Scharffen Berger the best chocolate around. Each individual bar is an experience in itself. I found myself fully satisfied after just one or two bites, making it easy to save some for later (unlike drug-store chocolate bars, where I tend to indulge in the entire bar all at once and am still left wanting a bit more flavor).
The one small disappointment [if I can call it that], is that this chocolate is so specialized and well-crafted with real cacao, it melts faster than your drug-store candy bar. This is not the kind of bar you want to let your five-year-old hold in her hand for any length of time.
When my first shipment arrived on Day Three of Southern California’s record-breaking heatwave, I immediately refrigerated the bars. The next day I opened the Extra Dark Chocolate bar and was not disappointed. While the shape of the bar wasn’t as pretty as its original form, the flavor and aroma were still beyond measure, and the quality had not been terribly compromised.
Can you imagine how much more wonderful the second shipment was, in its fine, unmelted glory? I felt as though I was at my own private wine-tasting party. Each bar offered pieces that I held on my tongue until they melted away, leaving me with textures and aromas I’d fallen in love with. Every. Single. Bite.

Can you say, “Exquisite Experience”?
I knew you could.

Milk Chocolate with Sea Salted Almonds (41% Cacao)

Who doesn’t love sweet and salty? I know I do! The almond bits are small, which I found wonderful. No tooth-breaking with this bar! The melt-in-your-mouth chocolate mixed with the crunch of the almonds and essence of sea salt is an unexpected combination that satisfies both a sweet tooth and those looking for a heartier chocolate.

Extra Rich Milk Chocolate (41% Cacao)
I honestly thought this bar wouldn’t be as wonderful as the others. I like my chocolate to have substance and more than “just chocolate”. I like nuts, caramels, flavor explosions. And then I nibbled on this. Filled with hints of caramel, it was so savory I had to share it with my family. They couldn’t believe this was “just” a milk chocolate bar. It was like eating the purest hot chocolate drink, in bar form.

Milk Nibby Milk Chocolate with Roasted Cacao Nibs (41% Cacao)
Roasted Cacao Nibs (bits of raw cocoa) add a remarkable crunch to this milky chocolate bar. Similar in texture to a chocolate-covered coffee bean, this bar is great in small amounts to be savored and saved for those special nibbly moments (no pun intended).

Mocha Dark Chocolate with Freshly Roasted Coffee (62% Cacao)
Bliss. Chocolate covered, coffee flavored bliss. Opening the wrapper was like opening a bag of freshly ground coffee beans. And the flavor! Have you ever had a cup of coffee so exquisite, so divine, that nothing else mattered? I may have to just melt this bar in my mug tomorrow morning. I’m certain nothing else will ever compare.  You can’t overindulge on this bar. If you’re a chocolate-and-coffee lover, this bar is a necessity!

Semisweet Fine Artisan Dark Chocolate (62% Cacao)
An interesting undertone of fruitiness and honey, just as the label indicates, adds a unique blend to this nearly addictive dark chocolate. Even with being my least favorite bar of the bunch, I still found myself coming back to this flavor.

Nibby Dark Chocolate with Roasted Cacao Nibs (62%)
This richer, deeper experience with all the glories of the Milk Nibby bar, was more satisfying with each bite. Because of the fullness in flavor and texture, I found myself savoring, as well as saving some for later.

Bittersweet Dark Chocolate (70%)
I was wonderfully surprised with my first taste of this bar. I expected something more appropriate to baking than tasting; but what I experienced was a smooth, almost light-and-fruity flavor. This was Dot’s favorite of the bars, and she said it best: “It tastes like pure chocolate without added sugar.”

Extra Dark Chocolate Bar (82% Cacao)
I admit it. I went for this bar first. I love-love-LOVE dark chocolate. The darker, the better. And besides, it’s healthy, right? Okay, so I also won an extra one through Scharffen-Berger’s daily twitter giveaway, which arrived two days before the big shipment. Still, I would have pulled this one from the pack first. I’m just that way.

The aroma itself is worth buying the bar. If Scharffen Berger made a candle from this, we would all be so very happy, I guarantee it. 82% cacao. Eighty-two percent! The true chocolate flavor was refreshingly bitter yet lively.

And now after all that, we get to the part you’ve been patiently waiting for:

The Giveaway
TWO lucky people are going to win an eight-bar gift pack from Scharffen Berger!

1. MANDATORY ENTRY: Leave a comment on this post: What is your favorite way to eat chocolate? This entry is mandatory. If you don’t answer this question, all other entries are void.

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Here’s the fine print:

  1. This giveaway is solely through Molly Jo and the blog Frankly, My Dear…. It is sponsored by Scharffen Berger. There are no other corporate sponsors. This giveaway is in no way endorsed by any other person, business or entity.
  2. Immediate relatives, employees or persons affiliated with Scharffen Berger, New Inklings Press, or Frankly, My Dear… are ineligible.
  3. Only legal citizens of the United States aged 18 years and older are eligible to win.
  4. This giveaway begins at 5:30 a.m. PST on Friday, August 24, 2012 and ends at 5:59 p.m. PST on Wednesday, September 5, 2012.
  5. Winner will be selected from all eligible comments on Wednesday, September 5, 2012, after 6:00 p.m. PST, through
  6. Winner will be notified by email and will have 120 hours (five full days) from the time email is sent to respond. Should winner not respond in a timely manner, prize will subsequently be re-awarded to another Entrant. Not more than three (3) subsequent winners will be picked for each of the two giveaways. After that, prize will be forfeited and no winner will be chosen. Scharffen Berger, Molly Jo and Frankly, My Dear… are not responsible for any misdirected or undelivered entries, comments, or emails.
  7. Two prize packs [$40.00 value each] consisting of Scharffen Berger Artisan Chocolate Bars (one each: Milk Chocolate with Sea Salted Almonds, Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Nibby, Mocha Chocolate, Semisweet, Dark Chocolate Nibby, Bittersweet, and Extra Dark Chocolate) will be given. No substitutions or transfers allowed.
  8. Scharffen Berger, Molly Jo and Frankly, My Dear… are not responsible for any lost or misdirected shipments, or damages that may occur during shipping.
  9. You may comment as much as you like, but any comment that does not meet the requirements will not be considered for this Giveaway.
  10. By leaving your comment on this post, you agree to be bound by the rules of this giveaway in their entirety.

Happy Eating!

[The opinions in this review are my own, and not affected by any sponsor, entity or other person. For more information, please see my Disclosure Policy.]

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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