Two days ago, I posted about my living in fear. Now, while those fears are true, and real, and constant, I don’t want you to get the impression that that’s all there is to me.

I don’t suffer depression. I’m not in need of medication. But I do bounce around from Happy to Sad to Stressed to Carefree. That’s not me. That’s my environment. That’s 14 months of unemployment and car repairs and medical bills and frustrations. And believe me, this week it’s been hitting us in spades.

So I vented.

If I were to post only Happy Thoughts, I wouldn’t be honest with you. I value you. And, it’s apparent you value my honesty. Thursday was my third most popular day at Frankly, My Dear… (My most viewed day was July 25, “Alienation“. The current Chocolate Heaven (and a Giveaway!) is quick on its heels!).

And so I just wanted to say

Thank you.

I really do appreciate each of you, and your wonderfully supportive comments. Writing is my calling, my comfort, and my catharsis.

Even when we don’t agree. Even when I write too much, or too little. You are there. Even when you don’t comment, you read. And Frankly, My Dear… is growing stronger. Because of you. Thank you.

On my Facebook page, almost every evening I post a link from a year ago. It’s fun to look back and read the many ways I’ve grown, changed, and even stayed the same.

I can’t believe it’s an accident that today’s Year-Ago post is Filigree Frosting. You all are the icing on my cake.

If I could bake each of you a cake, I would.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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