The debates are over. In two weeks, America will chose a President. Will he be the same one we’ve had for four years, or someone new?

The polls are neck-and-neck on this one. Every day sees a slight change for this, a small hope for that.

Contests and conversations are everywhere. Jet-Blu is offering free flights if your candidate doesn’t win. 7-Eleven is running their “7-Election” coffee campaign. Front yards, wire poles, and every print ad in America right now seems to have an opinion.

There is no perfect candidate. There is no one person who will come in and miraculously fix what’s wrong. America is not perfect. But let’s also admit that not everything is wrong. Somethings will take a while to fix, somethings aren’t really broken.

There are a few thoughts that have bothered me in this political season.

  1. I’ve heard people say their vote won’t count, so they just won’t vote. Whether their candidate is the underdog, or not on the list at all, they’re opting to abstain from voting altogether.
  2. I’ve heard people say that since the choice is “the lesser of two evils”, they will vote for a Candidate “C”… someone who has their values and principles but no chance of winning.
  3. I’ve heard people complain about the extreme negativity this season. It must be true… I’ve seen complaints and finger-pointing all over Facebook. (When did it become unacceptable or “stupid” to have a different opinion?)

I care very deeply about being an American. I’m proud to be American. I love living in America.

Please. Don’t throw your vote away on a third candidate. Don’t sit and do nothing.

Between the two top choices, pick the one who best represents your beliefs and issues, and VOTE.

Oh, and the same goes for your local governments as well. A President has to start somewhere. The person you put in local office today could be your Executive Leader tomorrow.

So please. Choose wisely. And VOTE.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!!

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