I cannot tell a lie: I’m glad this is the easy post. I need the break. What with all the goings-on around here lately, extra house cleaning and holiday prepping… I welcome the break.

I still have four or more giveaways to do in the next two weeks, and before the week’s end I’m making my Holiday Doo Dads.

I’m going through Mission Inn withdrawals and trying to schedule several day trips there with friends between now and New Year’s. I am absolutely craving a Casey’s Cupcake and Coffee.

Now that I’m working again, a spring weekend is at the top of my List. I’m not sure I’ll be solvent enough by then, but if so… Well, you’ve read my Mission Inn reviews. You know. (If you don’t, you should. Read. And know.)

And tomorrow’s Thanksgiving! I can’t wait to House Hop. We’ll start out with a small breakfast at home, then head over to Mutti’s for brunch and a football game. Then we’ll head over to my dear friend Pam’s house for the annual Turkey Shoot (I’d tell you, but I’m sworn to secrecy… unless I can get photos). (No real turkeys are injured or harmed in any way. Promise!) We’ll follow it up with a group viewing of WHITE CHRISTMAS. This is a raucous group: we know the movie by heart, and pretty much you can leave the TV sound off and still hear the entire dialogue. And sounds. Yup, we got mad sound skills too.

That’s what we’re up to. What’s on your plate?

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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