Pretty, isn’t it? That’s the cover to The Unemployment Cookbook, First Edition. Only I didn’t know at the time it was First Edition. Now I’m taking pre-orders for the Second Edition, and it’s just as exciting!

I had no idea when I started my Kickstarter campaign to sell pre-orders and raise funds for publication, how entirely nerve-wracking and roller-coastery it would be. (Is roller-coastery a word? It is now!)

It’s so delightful to hear from people who tell me how excited they are for this Project. Easy, inexpensive menus. Full, hearty flavors.

And while I’m trying not to push this in front of people’s faces, the truth is, Word-of-Mouth advertising is what’s getting me funded. And so, if you’ll indulge me for this post, I’d like to market my Cookbook.

From the back cover:

Sometimes it’s hard to make ends meet. Food shouldn’t be a sacrifice. The Unemployment Cookbook is a collection of recipes for eating abundantly on a frugal income. As with any great recipe, it’s my desire that you and those you feed enjoy the flavors and versatility of the recipes in this cookbook. But more importantly, I hope it inspires you in the kitchen, at the table, and with your family. Happy eating!

The Unemployment Cookbook is my first publication. It’s my Project. My baby. And, because times are still tough, it’s my Go-To Guide in the kitchen.

With over 100 pages of family- and wallet-friendly recipes in the first, and even more in the Second Edition, this is a Project I believe in. I realize my promotional video may seem low-key to many. I did that on purpose. Why should a no-frills Cookbook be advertised with glitz and glam?

Not here. This Cookbook was written and designed with frugality in mind. Sure, someday I’d love to have other cookbooks. Full-page color photography. Delectable, hard-to-find ingredients. Exquisite, one-of-a-kind, never-before-tried-in-the-kitchen recipes.

And some day I will.

But right now, people need to feed their families. And they need to do it well and on a budget.

These recipes cost less than a pizza (unless you use the Slow Cooker Ratatouille for your own veggie-pizza topping!), offer fresh, healthy ingredients, and many of them give you the opportunity to change them to suit your family’s tastes.

Hungry for more information? Click on over to my Kickstarter Campaign and pre-order yours now.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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