Dear Casey’s Cupcakes,

Casey’s Cupcakes [Photo Credit: Hannah Realy]

I’m not really social-stalking you. At least, I’m trying hard not to.

But I can’t help share your sweetness with the World. At least, my little corner of it.

Casey’s Cupcakes

You’re on the internet. You’re on Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. And even Instagram.

Coincidentally… so am I.

It’s the law of averages that we’d cyber-bump into each other in this neighborhood. I’m just thankful that you act and react as much as I do. I really don’t lurk. I just happen to be online. A lot. Like, a lot-a lot.

Can I just say, without sounding stalkerish, that I love love love your cupcakes?

I think you already know that. But in case you didn’t, I love love love your cupcakes.

I also love your store. It’s decorated so cutely for the Season.

Casey’s Christmas Tree

And all the wonderfully delightful pink and white and striped and confettied goodies! I’d mention my favorites, but I picked up a few to stash into Dot’s Christmas stocking. So you’ll understand when I say I really can’t talk about all that right now. (I can say we’re now the proud owners of the last two striped iPhone covers from the Riverside location! Dreams really do come true!)

Glamorous Gingerbread at Casey’s Cupcakes

I love bringing newbies to your Riverside location (being the Mission Inn junkie that I am).

Oh, I’m supposed to tell you, “What an adorable shop!”, “Dontcha just love all the pink and white?!” and “These folding boxes are amazingly cute!” My peeps think you’re magical. I think you’re delightful. What other eatery do know of where the people save the containers after savoring the contents?

Did you notice the exclamation points in those statements. Yup. We love our Casey’s Cupcakes.

You brighten my day. Daily.

It’s prob’ly a good thing I don’t live closer.

Cuz then you might hafta get a Restraining Order. And we don’t want that. We just want our cupcake order.

Casey’s Cupcakes: A Very Sweet Treat!

Yeah. On a very.regular.basis.

Don’t be afraid. Just give me cupcakes and no one gets hurt.

That’s a sweet exchange… dontcha think?

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

Frankly, My Dear... is going on vacation!
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