Yesterday I was on the phone with my web designer [read: know-it-all brother who does this for a living and is graciously helping out his sister who knows nothing about behind-the-scenes maintenance].

It was the first time someone explained SEO to me in terms I could understand. My blog just isn’t getting the popularity I need it to. Granted, my efforts have been more toward my bigger writing projects like The Unemployment Cookbook and Amara’s Light. So when I haven’t understood SEO or how to promote the Blog in a better fashion, I’ve been okay with that, knowing someday it would come. The traffic. He will build it, and they will come.

Let the construction begin…

He mentioned something that stuck. Like a popcorn kernel between the teeth. Like packing tape to a cardboard box. Like dried-on food on a day old plate. Yeah. It was that kind of stuck in my brain.

I’ve heard it before. And now my Google Guru has said it: If you want more traffic, you have to direct them.

Right now, my Blog voice is shouting directions every which way. I’m less flight director and more flag performer. I write about everything. Everything. Recipes. Creative writings. Poetry. Snippets of upcoming projects. Photos of life with the Frog. My housing project ideas. Crafts. Frustrations.

Nippers the stuffed frog

Nippers says “hi”.

I’m just a little bit all-over-the-place disorganized.

And I’ve been told to pick a direction.

And I can’t.

My Blog is my Blog. It’s my Life. It’s not a lifestyle blog. I don’t focus on one aspect. It’s me. It’s my online sharing of things I think you’ll enjoy.

Am I wrong?

If I choose to direct the Blog toward only Biblical prose, what happens to my food posts?
If I decide to focus on creative writings, how I incorporate my homey moments?
If I land in the kitchen, is there a place for travel?

My Blog is more than my Blog. It’s me.
And just as you don’t limit yourself to reading only Cookbooks or only news or only how-to articles, I can’t limit myself, either.

I am incredibly complicated, intricate and multi-faceted; surrounded at times by mystery, sometimes in the dark, sometimes brought to light. Much like a Diamond.
Yes. That’s it. We’re all diamonds. Some are rougher than others. But we’re all diamonds. We all have much to share.

Loose Diamond refracting light sparkles

We’re All Diamonds

My Blog is an outward indication of the parts of me I choose to share. any given day I can turn and reflect on a different aspect, thought or idea. Any post can be centrally focused or have a plethora of cutting edges shining through.

Will I lose ratings for this? Possibly.
Will I find my way through the Blogosphere? Probably.

There are many blogs that draw attention to Cooking. Books. Reviews. Writing. DIY Home Crafts.

But there’s only one Real Mojo. With many sides.
Shouldn’t there be only one Blog with many stories?

This Blog post is appropriately linked up with Shell’s Things I Can’t Say weekly linky-list. Her topic this week? “Your Blogging Voice”.

This is my voice. At times scratchy, melodic, stern, wishful, and strong. This is my voice.
I don’t think I could change it if I tried.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

Just. Breathe.
She Wore a White Dress. And She Wore a Hat.
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