I have a great writing partner. The kind who knows timing. She knows when it’s a good time to write, and when I’ve too much on my plate. She knows dialogue timing and action writing. She is my perfect writing partner. She. Is. Awesome!


We’ve been working on our series for nearly two years now. “Working” is quite the misnomer, however. The last year has kept us unavailable. But now we’re back on track. We’ve been editing and creating new characters. Ever heard of a Sleight? Or a Marnavo? What about a Weonae? You’ll meet them, in good time.

As a bit of an instigation to keep us on track, and to keep you interested, we’ve decided to post little teasers on Twitter. That’s right: a short, succinct storyline in 140 characters or less. Like this:


We’re tentatively naming our series The Grenalia Chronicles. Grenalia is an imaginary land I made up as a child, where my stuffed animals came to life and ruled over neighboring kingdoms, protecting the weak, fighting with swords and casting magic. I told Megan about it and she liked it. So until (unless) we come up with something better, our series is now The Grenalia Chronicles.

Our first story, Amara’s Light, is the first novel. Accordingly, it’s where you first meet our characters. Humans, dragons, a few Elves and Dwarves, and a few other creatures you didn’t know existed.

Amara is our heroine. I can’t tell you much about her now, but I can tell you she’s worth knowing! Megan brought Amara to life long before we started writing together, and her fullness of character and determination are strong and lifelike.

Now that the Cookbook Project has wrapped up, it’s time to get back to the drawing- err.. writing board. I say, bring on the dragons! And the Elves! And the Sleights! And other mystical, magical creatures who will, in time, introduce you to worlds you never knew existed… and will never want to leave.

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~From Grenalia,
Molly & Megan

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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