Dear Reader,

We’ve been through a lot, you and I. You’ve read from the beginning when Frankly, My Dear . . . started out as a diary of a sort of social experiment, then grew.

Blank Pages are the World's Canvas

Blank Pages are the World’s Canvas

First I learned to crawl, then walk, and threw in with some nifty vocabulary lessons.

It’s been over four years of fun, drama, food, family, life, death, everything and nothing. And y’all have stuck with me like melted cheese on a hot spoon.

You’ve been there as I started New Inklings Press. You supported my fundraising for The Unemployment Cookbook and #MoJoDoingTheWriteThing.

You’ve been the sweet to my tea.

Sweet Tea

How refreshing!

How can I thank you?

This week, my Kindle books are free. Not all at the same time, so you’ll want to check my Amazon Author Page daily. It my way of giving back for all the support y’all have given me.

Now here’s the favor. And this in no way is a tit-for-tat situation. You can take the freebies without obligation. I promise.

But it’d be awful sweet if you could leave a review of any of my books on Amazon. As a boutique, small-town, digital book publisher, my marketing consists of me passing out business cards at conferences and telling others by word of mouth.

Baseball on Pitcher's Mound. Frankly My Dear, If You Build It, They Will Come.

Field of Dreams

If you’ve read something that’s touched you, made a recipe that brought your family together, or enjoyed some quiet time while reading one or more of my books, I’d sure appreciate the shout-out.

If you have any suggestions on how to make them better, a question or a thought on something that just doesn’t sit right, well I’d welcome that feedback, too.

I hope to continue this journey with you, and prove myself trustworthy of the time you’re taking to spread the word about my books.

Invaluably yours,
~Molly Jo

Molly Jo Realy playing peek-a-boo with a stone column at Blue Ridge.

I’m seeing ya.

And Frankly, My Dear . . . that’s all she wrote!

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