Last week I had a Skype session with Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media. We went to school in Michigan before we both moved away. Naturally our conversation took on the what-do-you-like-where-you’re-at-now direction.

I sipped my sweet tea and listened as she told me about her new digs, and I thought, surely I could come up with at least five things to like about Ohio. Can’t I?

Let’s test this theory . . .

5.  Ohio State University. I mean the colors alone are worth loving this Big Ten university. Am I right? Red and white. It just screams Christmas all year ’round. Don’t get me wrong, though. I live for the yearly battle against UM. I’ll forever be maize and blue. As my friend Cyle and I discussed at Blue Ridge, ’tis far, far better to be from Ohio and drive north to Michigan for schooling, than it is to be from Michigan and head south of the border.

Homemade Christmas Card with Santa Charm

Santa or Ohio? I get confused . . .

4.  Buckeyes. Not to be confused with edible chestnuts, buckeyes are “moderately toxic”. Your stomach will not be your friend if you ingest these lookalikes. Buckeye trees once populated Ohio’s lands, and were made even more popular during William Henry Harrison’s 1840 Presidential campaign. That’s cool. I’m just a fan of that dark brown hue.

Chestnuts or Buckeyes?

Chestnuts or Buckeyes?

3.  Fireflies (Lightning Bugs). During summer breaks, we would drive south to visit family in Toledo. We loved starting the trip at dusk, as thousands of lightning bugs lit up the fields. I couldn’t find a decent firefly photo, but here’s an awesome firefly in a jar craft that Dot and I did several years ago.

Fireflies in a Jar (Craft)

Fireflies in a Jar (Craft)

2.  Cedar Point. This amusement park is home to one of America’s largest Ferris wheels. I’ve never been on the Giant Wheel and given my fear of heights and propensity for quick-onset vertigo, it’s a good chance I never will. Still, I have many marvelous summer memories of my times at Cedar Point, from the amazing food venues to my first roller coaster, Blue Streak.

Cedar Point Giant Wheel

Cedar Point Giant Wheel

1. But the best reason to like Ohio (and you can’t tell me y’all didn’t see this one coming), is that the longest it will take you is about five hours to get from the southern most part of Ohio up to Michigan.

The Mitten of Michigan

The Mitten of Michigan.

And there you have it. Five reasons why this former Michigander will always like Ohio.

So, what do you like best about your neck of the woods?

Enjoy this music video from Owl City: “Fireflies”

And Frankly, My Dear . . . that’s all she wrote!

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