by Molly Jo Realy @RealMojo68

Berries and mini marshmallows on pinwheel skewers

Patriotic Fruit Kabobs

It’s night of Independence Day. Most of the city’s fireworks have stopped, and now and then a neighbor child lights a popper. The neighborhood is back to being its quiet self.

I can’t help but wonder if tomorrow we’ll still remember what we’re supposed to remember today.

Why do we celebrate the Fourth of July?

Let’s not confuse this, the birthday of our nation, with Memorial Day, or Veteran’s Day.

Every day, let’s take a bit of today with us and remember, we’re always moving forward to something better.

There’s so much I’d love to write on the subject, but it’s late and I’m tired.

I hope we always remember how good we really have it, how it started, and how many wonderful people fought to get us here.

Celebrate independence every day. And remember those who can’t.

And Frankly, My Dear . . . That’s all she wrote!

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