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Why DVDs are Still Important

Why DVDs are Still Important

Okay, y’all. I admit. There’s a lot to be said about streaming videos. No extra clutter on the nightstand or when traveling. No storage issues (well, at least not at the house). And super bonus: no “ohmagosh where I did put that?” Or super-super bonus: no breakage.

But there’s something to be said for getting your entertainment the semi-old school way. And it comes with its own bonus.

Now, I enjoy Netflix as much as the next person. I mean, how many of you already know when Stranger Things Season Two is available? [Here’s a hint: Come home early from Trick-or-Treating this year.]

I love instant access to all the episodes of Fuller House. I’m watching my way through all eleven seasons of FRASIER this month. Last month it was FRIENDS, but you knew that.

But, see, I also love my DVDs and Blu-Rays for one very important reason: Behind the Scenes.

I love picking up a season of NCIS or ER [or the newest hottie I mean, hero, Avengers movie] and having access to bonus features.

Hearing Aaron Sorkin talk about why he wrote a certain episode of the West Wing, or picking up on Iron Man’s special effects . . . Those aren’t things you can get through online streaming.

And I don’t know about you, but I hope *fingers crossed* I’m not the only one who likes the rewind button. I mean, seriously. I’m talking laugh-out-loud or “what the heck was that?!” moments when you just have to experience it again now without waiting for the feed to reload. In writers terms, we call that taking the reader out of the story. That’s no way to keep the momentum!

Sure, you can’t take everything with you. But when you’re going on a trip, you don’t pack the kitchen sink, do you?

And here’s one more reason to love DVDs and Blue-Rays: Sometimes your shows aren’t available.

Okay? Who else cried when Netflix took down FLASHPOINT? And why is Pet Sematary only available around Halloween?

These things are important, people!

Oh, wait. One more awesome reason: I’m told by more than few to prepare for that foretold horror, the worldwide EMP. You know, that moment when the internet and all things attached go down. I know, I know. Let’s for a moment forget the correlation that in such an event my DVD and Smart TV will also most likely definitely not work. Let’s just stick to the streaming video for this conversation. Thanks.

So. What’s This Girl gonna do when I can no longer access my Netflix? I think I’ll survive.

I may have to learn how to churn butter . . . But in the event of an emergency, I can string my discs together and find a laywoman’s way to harness the power of the sun.

You can’t get a tan from Hulu. Just sayin’.

Why DVDs are Still Important

Why DVDs are Still Important

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