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The Assault: Harbingers, Cycle Two

The Assault: Harbingers, Cycle Two

Hey, hey, the gang’s all here! Oh yeah. Here we go again, another round of the team. Can you say #soexcited? I knew you could.

This week I’m reading The Revealing by Bill Myers.

Of course, there’s a few spoiler alerts here, so if you don’t want to know anything about the story, stop reading. Now. I’m serious.

But if you want to know a few things (but not the ending. Never the ending.) then continue.

Still here?

Okay then.

Read on . . .

Told from Brenda’s POV, it starts with her sketching another object–a blue velvet arm chair with peeling paint. And plane tickets for everyone to Rome where a taxi deposits them at the Vatican.

As usual, the first two pages set up the suspense, the backstory, and the characters. Professor James McKinney sent his friend, Cardinal Hartmann, the scroll that Littlefoot previously gave them. [Read Harbingers: Cycle One, Book Four.] Hartmann asks them to come speak with him personally.

Turns out the scroll has a connection to what’s known as the Spear of Destiny- the spear that pierced Christ’s side at His crucifixion. And Hartmann believes it is the team’s destiny to find the authentic spear.

They start with the catacombs where the skeletons of Capuchin Monks used to be. So very many of them. Room after room. And Andi, in her numbers-loving way [read Harbingers: Cycle One, Book Three] finds a pattern on a door. Not just a pattern. A plan. A floor plan. The floor plan to the House that haunted them in Seattle [read Harbingers: Cycle One, Book Two]. After a few more tunnels, quiet Daniel warns of people coming for them. The team is being chased and can’t find a way out until . . . Oh, no. You won’t get me to give out a spoiler alert. You’re gonna hafta read for yourself. [read Harbingers: Cycle One, Book One.]

Aside from that moment, let’s continue: Remember the eyes, or, uhm, lack of eyes back in C1B3? Guess what. Yeah. That’s right. They’re back. Or, uhm, not back, here. And so are the dropping dead birds. ReaderGirl say whhhaaat?! So our team finds themselves stranded on another beach, in the fog, looking for a rhyme or reason when they spot lights emanating out of cliff. They brave the trek around the dead birds and are soon pounding on the door of a two-story abode carved into the rock. They’re given entry by a nun, and Brenda can’t shake the feeling they’ve been there before. But of course they have. It’s the interior of the haunted house. The nun locks them in and disappears, and then . . . wait for it . . . What’s a haunted house to do? Melt. Yup. You read that right. The locked doors, the walls, the furniture, the floors . . . they all start to liquify. And our team has no where to go except up the back steps.

Of course this is just the start of all the adventures and while I want to tell you oh so much more, I really dislike giving spoilers.

So all I can tell you is it takes just one or two days to read this book, depending on your reading speed and distraction level. I read it in about four hours, including taking notes for this review.

And with the fun trouble adventures our team finds themselves in page after page-turning page, this is another book you really want.


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With a haunted house and search for destiny,
Happy reading!
~Molly Jo

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