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INVITATION: The Harbingers, Cycle One

INVITATION: Harbingers, Cycle One

Book Three is no less exciting than Books One or Two. In fact, in my opinion, it’s better. It’s better because — Oh, wait.

Not sure you want to know the spoilers.

So we’re gonna do this again. Yup, I’m gonna type random notes so you don’t see anything you don’t want to unless you actively click and scroll.

That’s right. You have to decide. Do you want to know the next episode from Andi’s POV? [Sorry, Mom. That’s writer speak for Point of View.]

I’ll tell ya a non-spoiler. Andi was raised in Florida by Jewish grandparents. And author Angela Hunt presents them both remarkably well. I feel like I’m in a Florida storm, listening to Andi’s Safta (Grandma) talk of how she’s smart but needs a good, Jewish husband.

Right of the bat, and I mean BAM! Front Page News kind of excitement- this weird thing happens. Andi has a premonition. Now, she’s always good at visualizing patterns, but notsomuch the other stuff. But it happens. And the wildlife starts to die off. Rapidly. But–super creepy here–with no eyes. Oh, yeah. That’s right. Fish wash ashore and birds drop from the sky with holes where their sightseers used to be.

It’s like Signs and The Birds and other creepy movies all rolled into one. And this is just Chapter Two!

As Andi researches mass animal deaths, she discovers another pattern. The pattern. Phi. Now, being the nerd geek life student that I am, I looked up Phi. It hurt my head. So much information! And I wanted to get back to the book. So, let’s just call up a cursory memory of mathematics. Remember the TV Show NUMB3RS? “Everything is numbers.” [Side note: NUMB3RS is currently not on TV reruns or Netflix. Not to toot my horn, but I told y’all Why DVDs are still important, didn’t I?] Okay, but don’t let that scare you. You don’t have to be some awkward Big Bang Theory adult to get this. Just know that there are patterns everywhere, and Andi’s your girl for figuring them out.

“Something was out of kilter in the universe.”

Andi decides it’s time to get the band back together, and sends Sabba’s (Grandpa’s) jet to pick up the peeps. Not understanding the dynamics of this conversation, Safta and Sabba have left for their vacation home in Manhattan and soon the rest are having dinner together.

Remember the little boy, Daniel? He connects with Andi’s dog in a way only he can. As the group sits on the porch, something invisible–not Daniel’s friend from Book Two–startles the pair and Abby the Labrador runs off and disappears.

Meanwhile the University Hazmat team and local Aquarium doctor reach out to Andi and the Professor with their explanations, which really don’t explain a thing.

Of course there’s a Sherlock Holmes reference, the good detective’s take on Occam’s Razor. So I’m pretty much in love with the book for this passage alone.

I wanna say, “Now here’s where it gets good,” like the stuff I’ve read so far hasn’t been. There’s doubt and floating orbs and evil and things only a drunk can see and then there’s  . . . more. A demon? An alien? A hallucination? And what becomes of it? Where is Andi’s dog? Why does Daniel see and sense things the others can’t?

I held my breath through most of the book, putting it down only to make notes. And here’s the thing, the most remarkable thing for me: I read it all in one sitting.

Folks, that’s just not something I do. But I needed to know what happened.

And you do, too. You know you do!

So this blog post is over. It’s time for y’all to get yourself a copy and see what happens next. And next week, I get to read Al Gansky’s contribution. Y’all know that makes me happy. I owe that man a coffee. After reading his book, I may just buy him two.

Hop on over to get your copy of INVITATION: Harbingers, Cycle One.

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