by Molly Jo Realy @MollyJoRealy

Earlier this week, the unthinkable happened. I couldn’t get into Facebook. Or Instagram. Not terribly heart-attack inducing, until my cohort Irene messaged me “Please tell me your Facebook account wasn’t deleted!” So of course, I did the only thing I could: I panicked.

I Googled “Facebook broke” and whoa-hoh. The ensuing disaster happened before my internet eyes. There in digital black and white was confirmation that both sites were down, and had been for a few hours, worldwide.

Now, my peeps are often scaring warning preparing me for the apocalyptic EMP that will someday take the world wide web, and my life, down with it. Can I just say this little glimpse into the future did not–I repeat, did not–make the warm and fuzzies show up.

The worst was when no one else could access their accounts, either. Or maybe that was the best. I mean, at least I wasn’t alone in my aloneness. Know what I mean?

Thoughts in rapid-fire succession came to me:

  • How will I contact my besties?
  • How can I blog?
  • How long will this last?
  • Do I have any other survival skills?
  • Why can’t I feel my fingertips?
  • When will the room stop spinning?
  • How long before my dead body is found, crumpled in a heap at the foot of my MacBook Pro?

Don’t laugh.

I made good use of my five minutes of rediscovery. I made a meme. Only thing was, I couldn’t post it until the event was over.

Frankly, My Dear . . . : The Day the Internet Broke

Frankly, My Dear . . . : The Day the Internet Broke

Sure. It’s funny now. But not during. It was a hit to my social media funny bone.

So let’s not do it again, web.

[Note to self: Remember the digital isn’t the only world out there. I know, I’m laughing too. But they say it’s true.]

Tell me, what do you do when your social media doesn’t work?

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With a working connection and building connections,
Happy posting!
~Molly Jo

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