PROBING: Harbingers, Cycle Three, Book One

by Molly Jo Realy @MollyJoRealy

I didn’t even mind standing in line at the post office for half an hour. [Ed. Note: totally minded. But it was worth it.]

I knew what the package would be. I knew because the calendar told me it was time for the next Harbingers cycle to arrive. And the calendar is almost never wrong.

As excited as I am to share what I’ve learned so far about the team, this is the part where I tell my mom to stop reading. [Insert sad face here.] No, really. Ma. Back away from the computer. … read the rest. . .

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THE ASSAULT: Harbingers, Cycle Two, Book Three

by Molly Jo Realy @MollyJoRealy

Well, I’m not gonna lie. I haven’t finished reading it yet. But, since I never give away the ending, I figure it’s okay to tell you what I know so far.

But first . . . MOM. STOP READING.

I’m not kidding.

Spoilers to follow.

You can revisit this post after you’ve read the book.

We good?

Okay. Carry on.

Y’all know that Andi is my favorite character of the team, right? So how giddy do I get when I get to read Angela Hunt’s contribution? Pretty. Freaking. Excited.

Books One and Two took us … read the rest. . .

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Five Things Friday: Books to Read this Season

by Molly Jo Realy @MollyJoRealy

I know this may come as a shock to y’all, but I like reading. Almost as much as writing.

And while I’m a fan of reading something new, I also enjoy revisiting my favorite stories.

I recently compiled a list of books to read in the next few weeks, and well, let’s just say I think I’m set for the next year.

Here are my five favorite books to read each holiday season:

  1. The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. So, technically, this is a series of books, but for me, they’re bound into one
read the rest. . .
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THE ASSAULT: Harbingers, Cycle Two, Book One

by Molly Jo Realy @MollyJoRealy

Hey, hey, the gang’s all here! Oh yeah. Here we go again, another round of the team. Can you say #soexcited? I knew you could.

This week I’m reading The Revealing by Bill Myers.

Of course, there’s a few spoiler alerts here, so if you don’t want to know anything about the story, stop reading. Now. I’m serious.

But if you want to know a few things (but not the ending. Never the ending.) then continue.

Still here?

Okay then.

Read on . . .

Told from Brenda’s POV, it starts with her sketching … read the rest. . .

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What Makes a Good Book?

by Molly Jo Realy @RealMojo68

Do you enjoy the written word in all its forms? Do you get distracted with closed captioning on your TV? What can I say: Join. The. Club.

As y’all have probably noticed, part of the blog redoux is book reviews. I’m trying to read one book each week. It’s a challenge, but so far, so good. At least for the past month. [It doesn’t hurt that the books I’ve read and reviewed are shorter than an average length novel. But hey, a girl’s gotta start somewhere.]

I know what I look for in a good … read the rest. . .

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