A Pancake Breakfast and a Community of Moms

This Mother’s Day Weekend, I took my family to a different sort of outing.

Hesperia Police DepartmentThe Hesperia Station Activities Committee is a support group for our local Police Department. Consisting of officer’s spouses and significant others, this group takes on the burdens behind the scenes. They’re quick to support families of police officers and not just in difficult times. They gather together to show their common bonds when an officer retires or has a baby. They raise funds to help with family-based social events throughout the year. They draw attention to the lesser known side of being a cop’s family. They … read the rest. . .

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Mother’s Day Frittata

My Baked Frittata is one of my most popular recipes. It’s my favorite quick Go-To Combo, and my best lazy weekend morning treat. It’s never the same twice, and that’s just how I like it!

Easily altered to suit your Mom’s flavor buds, this dish offers an incredibly delicious dining experience whether you’re making it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Start with a basic mixture of eggs, milk and cheese, then add your own preferred additions to truly make it your own one-of-a-kind creation. For Mother’s Day, I chose ingredients sure to please her pallet: mini pepperonis, diced onion, mushroom, … read the rest. . .

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(Not) Recipe: The Impromptu Breakfast

This isn’t really a recipe, although I’ll tell you in a minute what I made and how I made it. I’m just fairly tickled that it turned out so well.

The other day, Dot was hungering for some authentic Mexican flavors and Del Taco just didn’t fit the bill. I wasn’t about to toss $20 at a waiter for Spanish rice, either, so she had to make do with whatever was in the Stock Pantry.

Taking a  notion from her mother (more like a push while saying, “Just go look!”), she returned to the kitchen with several canned goods and … read the rest. . .

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