Mojo Book Review: “The Last Battle” by C.S. Lewis

Reading time: 2 days

What I loved best: All of it. Seriously.

This isn’t really a book review, because I can’t give much away for those who have yet to read it. Even in my other Narnian reviews, I gave a few things away.

I put off reading this, because it’s the last book in the series. And I knew it meant the end. In fact, the very first sentence starts, “In the last days of Narnia…”

It was very bittersweet to me. I just did not want my reading journey to end. Yes, they’re written as children’s books, but … read the rest. . .

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Mojo Book Review: “The Silver Chair” by C.S. Lewis

Reading Time: 3 days
[but admittedly, I started three weeks ago, read one day then didn’t pick it up again until yesterday.]

What I loved best: With each new adventure into Narnia comes new characters and creatures. Puddlegum was a great addition to the Children’s endeavors. (And with my current affinity for frogs, I loved his description which I believe to be part scarecrow, part frog). I also loved that Aslan kept showing the way, even when the characters were lost, or belligerent, or forgetful. He kept His patience, and continued to remind them of their important tasks.

The Lady … read the rest. . .

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Mojo Book Review: “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” by C.S. Lewis

Started: January 1, 2012
Finished: January 8, 2012
[*It didn’t take me that long to read; I just had a few Do Nothing Days this last week. Actual reading was three days.]

What I loved best: While I always enjoy the return of our beloved Children and Aslan, I’d have to say my favorite part of this book was the character of Reepicheep, the Valiant Mouse. Most consider a mouse to be too small to be of any great assistance but Reepicheep doesn’t know that about himself. He thinks he has much to offer, and behaves so.

I also loved … read the rest. . .

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Mojo Book Review: “Prince Caspian” by C.S. Lewis

Started: December 29, 2011
Finished: December 31, 2011

What I loved best: There were several elements that I pondered during, and after, reading this book.

The first was that while the prior three books seemed to have one linear storyline, Prince Caspian had two storylines going at first: The Prince, and the Children. Of course they meet up in the book, and I won’t ruin it for those who have yet to read the series by giving any more details. But in the course of reading, I was consumed by one story and then reminder of the other. It was … read the rest. . .

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Mojo Book Review: “The Horse and His Boy” by C.S. Lewis

Started: December 28, 2011
Finished: December 28, 2011

What I loved best: This story truly did center on a Horse named Bree, and the boy, Shasta. I loved the way Lewis took a common animal and gave it voice, not only in being a Talking Animal, but in performance, character, behavior… if it had been a Dumb Animal, his portrayal would still have kept me reading.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the few Cats in the book, in particular of course, The Lion. The other cats, and the several lions throughout the book, were quite different than reading about horses, but … read the rest. . .

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