Friday was “Bring Your Frog to Work” Day

Friday was “Bring Your Frog to Work” Day.

Okay. Not really. But it should have been. For me it was. Maybe I’ll start a trend. Yup. It’s already on my iPhone calendar. Every First Friday in May shall be “Bring Your Frog to Work Day”.

I had intended to spend my lunch hour at the Park behind my office, taking photos of flying hawks and scurrying ground squirrels. Instead, it evolved into me taking photos of Nippers every chance I got.

It started with him accepting his role. That is, being the Frog that I took to work today.

When … read the rest. . .

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We Called Him “Lucky”

My friend Mary sent me this photo last week. This turtle came to say hi to her at work. She said it was most likely nesting and laying eggs. A few hours later, the turtle was gone, and there was no sign of any eggs.

I asked her if I could use this photo. First, because it’s just an awesome photo. I mean, look at those eyes! And the size of those claws and feet! I’d hate to tussle with those.

The other reason I wanted to use Mary’s photo is because it reminds me of a story I’d nearly … read the rest. . .

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