THE NEWSROOM: Aaron Sorkin is My New Television Hero. Again.

[NOTE: This blog post is written after viewing only the premiere episode of THE NEWSROOM. All opinions herein are solely based on one  episode… so far…]

I have a list of favorite TV Shows. While it’s no secret that FLASHPOINT tops the list, the remaining Top Ten tend to blur together. My order of preference depends on what my mood is. Generally, you can always interest me in watching any of the following:

Frasier reruns
Cheers reruns
Friends reruns
Blue Bloods
Once Upon a Time
The Waltons reruns
The West Wing reruns

Of course there’s many more. Anything … read the rest. . .

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Mojo TV Review: “Once Upon A Time”

I spent the weekend catching up on episodes of ABC Network’s “Once Upon A Time” and I’m so glad I did!

Airing on Sunday nights on ABC, “Once Upon A Time” is a great mix of storytelling.

Emma Swan is a bounty hunter. On the night of her 28th birthday, 10-year-old Henry arrives at her apartment, announcing that he is the son she gave up for adoption. Further, he tells her, she is the only one to save them.

Everyone who lives there has forgotten their origins. They are all characters from Fairytale World, but due to the Evil Queen’s … read the rest. . .

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