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When Writer’s Digest Community offered this weekly prompt, there was no question I would combine my loves of holiday music, Harry Connick Jr, and NYC/Central Park. Take two of your favorite songs, and match up a line from the chorus of one with a line from the chorus of the other. Then, write a scene that starts with the first lyric, and ends with the second.

I hope the location came across clear enough; Central Park in autumn, when the leaves and snow intermingle. I am a romantic, obviously, and I have no problem sharing that.

The two songs I chose were “Autumn in New York” and “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve”. The latter is my all-time favorite holiday song. The former is a dream… so far.

Maybe someday I’ll get there – New York in Autumn. Or winter. Maybe for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Maybe not.

But that won’t stop me from dreaming of it; and striving for it.

This New Year’s Eve I’ll be working: writing my way to New York City, and every other place I’ve ever wanted to visit. I’ve got to start somewhere, somehow. I choose now to start.

What will you be doing New Year’s Eve?

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