When we moved into Bedford Manor nearly four years ago, Dot’s bath was in pretty good shape. The only improvements we made at the time were to remove the left behind decor, paint the walls, and set up a Sandy Beach/Polka Dot theme that flowed well into Dot’s bedroom.

Polka Dot and Beach Themed Bathroom

Polka Dot Beach

Polka Dot Towels and Beach Themed Decor

Dot’s Beach Bath

What we didn’t take care of was the tub itself. These blue flower stickees worked great to prevent slips and falls, and so it wasn’t really high on my To-Do List to remove them.

Blue Bath Flower Stickees

Blue Bath Flower Stickees

Plus, I’d tried a few times and nothing seemed to work. I’d looked online for solutions and all of them called for strong anti-adhesives that were too chemical in composition. After the second try, we couldn’t enter the bathroom for 24 hours, the odor was so strong. And as life at Bedford Manor continued, the To-Do List was readjusted to fit the immediate needs and availability of both product and money.

But lately it had become apparent that they were wearing out. It was time for a Bath Tub Makeover. In desperation, I asked Obadiah (my coworker) if he had any ideas. Indeed he did. A can of WD-40 and a straight razor. Really? I pondered suspiciously. Could it really be that simple? He assured me it was. Spray. Wait. Scrape. Yes, he insisted. So we bought the necessary ingredients.

WD-40 and a Straight Razor

WD-40 and a Straight Razor

Of course, when it rains it pours and recently Dot’s water knob cracked. This morning she reminded me that I had already bought the replacement, and she couldn’t wait any longer.

Broken Shower Knob

Broken Knob

So I figured, What the heck. Let’s make tonight a Home Improvement Night.

Since the WD-40 would need to sit for a few minutes, I sprayed the tub first. I made sure that each flower was fully coated, then went over them again for good measure. I was surprised that a little went a long way. As it began to work its magic, I worked on the knob.

A quick unscrewing of the old and the new one was soon in its place. Dot’s choice of a clear knob instead of dark really brightened up the tile around it.

Clear Bath Tub Knob

Bath Tub Knob

Then it was time to scrape the tub. Scrape is really the wrong word. It was more like nudging, lifting. The razor slipped easily under stickees and separated them from the tub.

Scraping Blue Flower Stickees from a tub with a straight razor

Scraping the Stickees

In just about ten minutes, I had the entire tub scraped. But there was still residue.

Blue Stickee Residue

Blue Stickee Residue

I was worried that the tub would be permanently shadowed with these outlines. My worries were conquered. Another quick spray of the WD-40 and another passing of the razor over the area, and the tub was residue free. A quick rinse with a mixture of hot water, vinegar and dish soap eliminated the final oils and dirt.

Clean, shiny tub

Look at that tub shine!

Of course, I can’t have Dot slipping and falling now that the stickees are gone. Good thing we bought a bath mat!

Bath Mat

Bath Mat

And now with a new knob and a nice mat, Dot’s tub has been made over.

Bath Tub Makeover

Bath Tub Makeover

I can’t believe it’s the same tub! Less than $35 from start to finish. Doesn’t this look relaxing?

Bath Tub Retreat

Bath Tub Retreat

And Dot? She loves it. In fact, she’s already in there washing her hair. I wish she’d hurry up… This Girl needs a bath. After all, it’s not easy being the Queen and Handyman of my own castle. Then, again… maybe it is.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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