Slightly Sweet: Pie Crust Cut-Outs

I’ve been having this craving for weeks now. Something sweet. Something other than chocolate. Something that lends itself to the Fall feeling that’s going around. Plus, I needed a reason to use my Wilton Harvest Mini Cutter Set.

This will go in my Semi-Homemade Recipe Box. These fun little shapes are flakey, sugary, and just the right amount of sweet.

After preheating the oven to 400, I rolled out one box of room-temperature premade pie crust (two rolls) onto wax paper. Setting them as close together as possible, I continued to use the Cutters to fill up the entire crust … read the rest. . .

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Certificate of Completion: Wilton Basic Cake Decorating Course

Well, we did it. We finished our Wilton Cake Decorating Course. As has been the standard for the last four weeks, Dot’s cake, well, took the cake. She always has the other students and the instructor oohing and ahhing over her gifted artistry.

In the four-week course, we learned

How to properly bake a cake and how to level a cake

How to fill cupcakes and how to fill a layer cake

How to make out own icing in stiff, medium, and thin consistencies and when to use each one. We learned how to color icing

How to ice a … read the rest. . .

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Cake Decorating Class

As some of you know, Dot and I are in the middle of the Wilton Cake Decorating Basics Class.

Last week we learned how to level a cake, and how to cut, fill, and frost it.

You’ll recall that for as much as I love being in the kitchen, I’d never baked a cake until a few months ago. It turned out all right for my first attempt.

This week, our homework was to bake and ice a cake before coming to class. My first two cake attempts failed miserably. I neglected to let the first cake cool before trying … read the rest. . .

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It’s National Fudge Day, Mary!

My friend Mary lives in Canada. Which is prob’ly a good thing.
We’re both Chocoholics, and if she lived any closer to me we’d most likely be at each others’ door every day sharing the dark sweets in its various forms.

That doesn’t stop us from still encouraging one another to indulge without the other one present. Thank goodness we know our limits. So we’re actually more apt to post pictures on each others’ Facebook wall. Most of the time.

Beautiful, lovely, delicious looking chocolate pictures.

My friend Del introduced me to this website, It’s a fun blog … read the rest. . .

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My First Cake: Wilton Lamb Pan

I made my first ever cake today. My first ever real cake. I’ve done the Easy-Bake oven thing as a kid. And in my not terribly distant past, I tried the microwave/stoneware concoction. That was not a cake. That was a moist mush.

So today, I made my first ever cake.

And not just any cake, but a Lamb-shaped cake.

And it was incredibly easy. With Wilton step-by-step instructions and a little creativity, the hardest part was washing the dishes.

It. Was. Cute.

It was almost too cute to eat. Almost. Yeah… we felt really bad eating that cute, … read the rest. . .

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