Yesterday, I got this fabulous tweet from Trekaroo:

If you click on their button on my sidebar, you’ll be taken to my Trekaroo page where I’ve written a few mini-blogs for this great family-based review site. Activities, lodgings, eateries… you name it, they review it. And the best part is, it’s written by parents for parents.

And they do these great giveaways every week.

Lo and behold. I won a big one. Awesome, right?!

Here’s the Good Part:

“Winner will receive a 3-night, 4-day trip to Myrtle Beach, complete with accommodations for two persons, a restaurant giftcard and a pair of tickets to choice attractions.”

Now here’s the Bad Part:

“Airfare and/or all other travel to and from Myrtle Beach and charges for items of a personal nature, including, but not limited to gratuities, discretionary hotel and dining charges, phone calls, optional excursions, gift shop purchases, spas, beverages, meals, travel insurance, etc., are the sole responsibility of the winner and his/her guest.”


“Prize must be redeemed and travel completed by Dec 31, 2012. Prize is subject to blackout dates including holidays (e.g., Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas).”

What this means is, although I’ve won a trip, unless I come up with airfare and expenditure funds really soon, I won’t be able to go.

I know right now you’re thinking to yourself, “Why did you enter, then?” Honestly? I never thought I would win. I was just trying to help Trekaroo get more support and recognition.

I believe in this website. I believe in the people running it, and the volunteer blogger/reviewers who contribute to it.

I just know, if Dot and I are meant to take this trip, things will work out.

My friend Beth, who is quickly earning her way to being my Personal Assistant/Front Line Cheerleader, suggested I find a travel agent or airlines to sponsor my Blog. She’s full of great ideas like that.

I’m seriously thinking of holding a Bake Sale. I already bought a lottery ticket.

How would you raise funds for a once-in-a-lifetime trip like this?

You’re thinking, “It’s not once in a lifetime.” “It’s only a few hours by plane.” “You can find a way.” But it is once in a lifetime. I haven’t even begun to work my new day job yet. And there’s no guarantee of full-time hours when I do start. Plane tickets are expensive. And let’s face it, who wants a vacation without funds for the little extras like postcards and keychain souvenirs?

Myrtle Beach is Calling… how do I answer?

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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