You know those moments that you think, well, I missed that boat by a mile, and so you quit thinking about the trip? Yeah. So that happened.

Last year when I was otherwise unemployed but had a great amount of time available, I began writing short reviews for Trekaroo. You know Trekaroo. I’ve mentioned them here and there.

So after a few reviews, I received an email. Would I like to become a Superoo? A sponsored reviewer. Well, heck. I get to write. I get to travel (even locally). And they give me an outlet for my creative musings? Who wouldn’t want that. Sure, I said. I’m interested.

Good, they said. We choose our Superoos once a year. In Spring.

Darn, I said. I dislike waiting.

But wait I did. And then, my reviewing slowed. Not because I wasn’t interested. But because I had a Cookbook to produce. And I was still unemployed which meant the wallet wasn’t conducive to excursions. When I did start working, well, you know. There’s these things calls bills I needed to concentrate on.

So. I waited on Trekaroo. And they waited on me.

I was sure I’d missed my chance. That ship has sailed. That plane has flown. (Are you picking up on the travel metaphors here? It’s not intentional. But hey, whatever floats your boat…)

I haven’t written a review for months. Out here in Southern California it’s practically summer. Yup. I’m not gonna be a Superoo this year.


Or… am I?

Enter the Email.

Congrats! Your contributions to Trekaroo have caught the eye of our Superoo Council. You have been awarded coveted Superoo status.

After pouring through thousands of Trekaroo passports, the Superoo Council was particularly impressed by your reviews and other contributions to Trekaroo over the past year. Without you, Trekaroo wouldn’t be the top resource for families who love to explore and travel. We are proud to announce you as one of our 2013 Superoos today on our blog.

How. Happy. Am. I!!!

Yes. That’s right. I’m THAT happy! It’s wonderful, as a writer, to see long term efforts pay off. It’s even more wonderful to be recognized when you thought you were buried under the mud.

Thanks for pulling me up and out, Trekaroo.

And now… TheRealMojo68 is ready to fly! Or… drive. Or… eat. Or… play. Or… oh, heck! Just send me somewhere fun!


And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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